Coloring pages animals is the best way to introduce your child to a variety of fauna, show him and teach him to distinguish the most famous animals that live on our planet. The child develops, while enjoying the process, remembering not only the appearance, but also the coloring of the animals.

Free printable Animals coloring pages for kids


Various little animals play a big role in the life of every child. Tales are written about them, they become the main characters of most cartoons. Also in the development of the child play an important role coloring animals. Especially for you and your children, we have prepared a wonderful selection of animal coloring books that you can download or print for free.

From infancy, children get acquainted with kittens, puppies, cubs, elephants and other animals. Often a pet lives in a house with a child, it is he who most attracts children's attention, causes a smile and stormy delight. Soft toys in the form of various animals become the most beloved; in the arms with them the child falls asleep better.

Games with pets help develop the baby’s coordination of movements, feel and show love and care for smaller brothers. The animal is associated with kindness, tenderness and love. Children's cartoons teach us to be careful with nature and make friends with all creatures. Animals from birth have an important role in raising a child and in his perception of the environment.