Ant coloring pages

Free printable Ant coloring pages for kids

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Ant Coloring Pages - will show children one of the most powerful and hardworking insects on the planet. Children can use watercolors or felt-tip pens to paint the ants in bright colors and delight you.

These insects have been living on Earth for over 100 million years. They can be found all over the world, with the exception of the far north and sultry deserts. The body of an ant consists of three parts. These are the head, chest and abdomen. Three pairs of paws with claws help insects move quickly not only on a horizontal surface, but also on a vertical one. Ants have poor eyesight, they distinguish movement, but see a blurry picture. With the help of antennae, insects feel not only smells, but also vibration. Ants living together smell the same. It is by the smell that the insect determines its own or strangers, from which it must be protected. Ants devote all their time to storing food for the winter. These are seeds, plants, larvae, insects. In one anthill, from several thousand to a million individuals can live. And everyone has their own responsibilities. There are engineers who are building new tunnels. There are soldiers whose duties are to defend homes and seize new territories. There are even doctors who look after the sick. For children, you can download or print ant coloring pages for free on the site.

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