Beetle coloring pages

Free printable Beetle coloring pages for kids

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Beetle Coloring Pages - open doors for children to the world of a vast squad of beetles. Kids will be interested in getting to know the bugs better with the help of coloring pages that you can download or print for free.

The word beetle comes from the ancient Slavic, imitating the buzzing that accompanies the flight of an insect. A feature of all coleoptera is the presence of hard elytra. These are the upper wings that have evolved to be tough and now provide a protective role for the thin flying wings when folded. The body shape of insects depends on the species and habitat. For example, in soil-dwelling beetles, the front of the body is the most powerful. With its help, they are pushed through the soil, which makes movement easier. Water beetles have an elongated body to glide in water more easily. The antennae are located in the upper part of the head, and the eyes are located on the sides of the head. Usually beetles are painted in the same color, but the colors are very different: black, green, brown, yellow and red. Very often the color is complemented by a beautiful metallic shade. But there are beetles with a pattern on the upper part of the body. For example, everyone's favorite ladybug. You can download or print Beetle coloring pages for free on our website. Coloring colorful beetles will be fun and interesting for children.

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