Butterfly coloring pages

Free printable Butterfly coloring pages for kids

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Butterfly coloring pages - will attract the attention of every child and give a lot of emotions and impressions. With the help of watercolors or pencils, children will be able to show imagination and paint the coloring with the butterfly in unusual colors. To do this, you need to choose your favorite butterfly coloring, and then download or print it.

Butterflies are a reminder of summer, the sun, green grass and vibrant colors. Yes, and these insects themselves are like animated flowers. Another magical property of butterflies is its transformation into a beauty from an unsightly caterpillar. On the head of the butterfly are large eyes, each of which consists of many small lenses, proboscis and antennae. With the help of a proboscis, the insect eats fruit juice and flower nectar. But the butterfly determines the taste of food with the help of paws. They have special receptors. These insects have an amazing sense of smell; they pick up odors for several kilometers. 4 patterned wings not only decorate the butterfly, but also help mask in case of danger. According to scientists, butterflies have been present on our planet for 40 million years. Currently, there are about 160 thousand varieties. And from time to time they discover a new unknown species. You can meet butterflies all over the world, except for cold edges. You can download or print Butterfly coloring pages for free on the website.