Duck coloring pages

Free printable Duck coloring pages for kids

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Coloring pages duck is a collection of beautiful coloring pages of birds, which can often be found on various reservoirs of World. Ducks are small birds. They have a fairly short neck. The color of the feathers can be very diverse, but, as a rule, these are brown and greenish shades. In fact, only females are called ducks, males are called drakes. There are a huge number of duck species, more than a hundred. Only about thirty species of these birds live in World. Ducks are bred in the household, but they can also successfully exist on their own. There were many cases when people used the image of a duck in their work. Perhaps the most famous example is the tale of Hans Christian Andersen, The Ugly duckling. In Russia, ducks enjoy special folk love. Surely many have ever fed ducks and drake bread in a pond near the house. And surely for children it will be interesting to decorate this bird in its own way. And you can download or print Duck coloring pages for free.

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