Free printable Elk coloring pages for kids

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Elk coloring pages invite kids to meet the inhabitant of the Northern Hemisphere. The height of the forest giant of the deer family is more than 2 m, length - 3 m. In autumn, males lose their unique horns in the form of a plow or a shovel. A new decoration grows in the spring. A warm brown fur coat saves from frost. Elongated legs allow you to quickly move through the snowdrifts and swamps in search of food. They feed on grass, bark, branches.

This graceful animal has a short neck, a large withers, long ears, a hunchbacked head with an “earring” under its throat. A frightened beast from a good-natured artiodactyl turns into an aggressive moose. By powerful blows of the front hooves, brave tramps defend themselves from enemies. You can download high quality pictures here for free, then you can print Elk coloring pages for children.