Fly coloring pages

Free printable Fly coloring pages for kids

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Fly coloring pages - a series of pictures with the famous insect of the Diptera order. Children will be happy to color in the fly coloring pages and learn more about their structure. All pictures you can download or print for free.

Representatives of this species prefer to settle near the dwelling of humans or animals. This is due to the fact that flies do not tolerate cold and die already at a low above-zero temperature. Flies eat everything, but prefer sweet foods. The color of the insect is grayish brown, sometimes with a green or bluish tint. The body has a large head, two webbed wings and six legs. The proboscis and two large eyes are located on the head. The fly's organs of vision are unique. They are composed of several thousand hexagons. Thanks to this, the insect sees what is happening from all sides, even from behind. On the feet of a fly, in addition to claws, there are sticky pads. Due to them, she quickly moves along the walls and ceiling. Flies are dangerous to humans because they carry bacteria and some types of infections. But there is a benefit from them: some species pollinate plants, the larvae of others eat harmful aphids. You can download or print the Fly coloring pages for free on our website.

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