Giraffe coloring pages

Free printable Giraffe coloring pages for kids

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  • giraffe-coloring-pages-5
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Giraffe coloring pages will add to the knowledge of kids about African herbivores. A long neck helps artiodactyl animals to get the most delicious leaves and bark from the tops of trees. Solar creatures gracefully pick grass from the ground, bend to the pond without bending their knees.

On the head there are 2 wool horns of 20 cm each. The inhabitants of the savannah growth reaches 6 m. Spotted color of the whole body - a distinctive feature. They move quickly and deftly jump on high legs. Dark eyes adorn thick eyelashes. You can get acquainted with an exotic beast not only in the zoo, but also on the pages of the album, if you download absolutely free pictures in good quality and print the Giraffe coloring pages in A4 format for children.

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