Grasshopper coloring pages

Free printable Grasshopper coloring pages for kids

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Coloring Pages Grasshopper - pictures with an insect known to kids by poetry and cartoons. With the help of coloring pages with a picture of a grasshopper, your children can study its structure and features in more detail. To do this, we suggest you download or print the coloring page you like.

About 7 thousand species of grasshoppers live on Earth. They can be found everywhere, with the exception of cold Antarctica. Outwardly, all types are similar. They have an elongated, slightly flattened head, an elongated body and powerful long legs. The length of the insects is from 15 mm to 15 cm. The body color can vary from green to brown. Thanks to her, it is almost impossible to see a grasshopper in the grass. This disguise greatly helps the grasshopper to escape from enemies, which abound. And this is not only the frog about which the famous song is sung. Dangerous for grasshoppers are birds, rodents, hedgehogs, raccoons, insects, for example, dragonflies and wasps, as well as turtles, snakes, lizards. This insect has very interesting features. The grasshopper chirps with its wings. And he hears with his front feet. It is there that the organs of hearing are located. By the way, thanks to well-developed hind legs, grasshoppers are excellent jumpers. In one jump, they cover a distance tens of times greater than the length of their body. On our site you can download or print coloring pages Grasshopper free for kids.

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