Hedgehog coloring pages

Free printable Hedgehog coloring pages for kids

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  • hedgehog-coloring-pages-1
  • hedgehog-coloring-pages-10
  • hedgehog-coloring-pages-11
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  • hedgehog-coloring-pages-14
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  • hedgehog-coloring-pages-3
  • hedgehog-coloring-pages-4
  • hedgehog-coloring-pages-5
  • hedgehog-coloring-pages-6
  • hedgehog-coloring-pages-7
  • hedgehog-coloring-pages-8
  • hedgehog-coloring-pages-9

Hedgehog coloring pages offer young artists a closer look at a small animal and a kind fairy-tale character. In nature, a cute animal is found everywhere: in the forest and garden, on the field and in the thickets of shrubs near the house. The omnivorous predator is active at night. The mottled brown color makes it invisible in the grass. Escaping from enemies, turns into a prickly ball.

The attractive animal has an elongated muzzle, short legs, and a soft fluffy belly. Eyes like two sparkling beads. On the pages of the collection are presented funny hedgehogs with a mushroom, with an apple on the back. You can download funny illustrations for kids for free here, and then print the Hedgehog coloring pages in A4 format. A painful surprise for children will be the painstaking hatching of numerous needles. A smart hedgehog is painted! How good he is!

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