Free printable Lynx coloring pages for kids

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Lynx coloring pages have collected images of one of the representatives of the cat family. Choose your favorite Lynx coloring book, and then download or print it in A4 format absolutely free.

A forest cat is very easy to recognize by tassels on its ears, short tail and spotty color. This not very large, but very dexterous and dangerous predator lives in dense northern forests. Before, lynxes were found almost throughout Europe, but now there are very few of them, and the species is listed in the Red Book. The lynx has wide furry paws that are easy to run in the snow without making noise. Beautiful tassels on the ears help the animal catch the quietest or farthest sounds, and many can envy its vision. All this, as well as amazing patience, makes the lynx an excellent hunter. She can sit in ambush for a long time, tracking down prey. Lynx goes hunting for hunting and generally leads mainly a nocturnal lifestyle, and rests during the day. In order to color the forest beauty, the kids will need gray, light brown and black colors. You can quickly, simply and completely free download Lynx coloring pages for children on our website.