Free printable Panther coloring pages for kids

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Panther coloring page introduces children to a very big cat from the jungle. Choose your favorite Panther coloring book, and then download or print it in A4 format.

This stunningly beautiful and graceful animal, at the same time is one of the most dangerous predators on the planet. The panther is agile, strong and is not afraid of either animals or hunters. She can fight even with a lion, which is much larger. It differs from other representatives of the cat panther family in coloring - it is a saturated black color. Panther hunts mainly at night and the color of the skin makes it completely invisible in the dark. And thanks to agility and smooth movements, the animal moves almost silently. Many people call the panther a forest ghost - you never know where and at what moment it appears. Having caught prey, the clever hunter drags it onto a tree and eats it there, without fear of an attack by hyenas or other predators. After a hearty breakfast, the panther can sleep all day on high branches, digesting food and gaining strength. Young artists, of course, recognize the beautiful Bagira from the story of Mowgli in the pictures. On our site you can download or print Panther coloring pages for children for free.