Free printable Pegasus coloring pages for kids

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Coloring pages Pegasus - a kaleidoscope of drawings with an unusual animal, known from the myths of ancient Greece. Choose your favorite Pegasus coloring book that you can download or print in A4 format for free.

Pegasus is a winged horse of white, gold, brown and less often black with a lush mane and smart eyes. His father was the sea god Poseidon, his mother was Medusa Gorgon, and he was born at the head of the ocean. Having fled, Pegasus can soar high in the sky and fly for a long time, overtaking the wind. Another amazing ability of a horse - with one blow of a hoof he can knock out a source of pure water from the ground. The mythical animal eats fresh berries, herbs and fruits. Pegasus is very fond of Muses - the patroness of science and art. It is believed that the winged horse is able to bring inspiration to any work. Pegasus is always on the good side. He helps the ancient Greek heroes fight monsters and perform feats. Little artists can choose any colors and paint the magic horse as their rich imagination suggests. Free download or print coloring Pegasus on our site for children is free.