Free printable Raspberries coloring pages for kids

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Coloring pages Raspberries - A series of images of sweet summer berries. Choose your favorite Raspberry coloring pages and then download or print them in A4 format for free.

Raspberries grow in the forest and in the garden. Wild berries are small but very sweet. Forest inhabitants regale on them, and the bear is the main lover of delicious berries. In garden raspberries, berries are much larger, and the bushes themselves are taller. The correct name for the raspberry fruit is not berry, but drupe. Each fruit consists of small berries with a tiny hard kernel inside. Depending on the variety, the berries can be pink, red, yellow. Raspberries ripen in July and bear fruit until the end of August. Mistresses cook stewed fruit from it, jam and dried for future use. The healing properties of raspberries were known in ancient Greece, and they are not forgotten in our time. A decoction of the leaves is gargled with a sore throat. Tea made from dried berries is an excellent way to lower the temperature. And raspberry jam with hot tea is the most fragrant, tasty, healthy and favorite medicine for children with colds. For children, download or print raspberry coloring pages on our website is quick and free.