Free printable Egrets coloring pages for kids

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Egrets coloring pages are pictures depicting a bird known for fairy tales and cartoons - a long-legged heron. This representative of the family Ciconiiformes is difficult to confuse with someone. The Egrets has long legs, a small head with a crest, a long straight beak and a large body. Plumage color from white to dark gray. Egrets live around the world. Did not hear about them except in Antarctica. But the habitat of these birds is always connected with water. Usually it is the shores of lakes, rivers and swamps. And this is understandable, because Egrets prey most often lives in water. They like any aquatic creature: tadpoles and frogs, fry and fish, snakes and lizards. But an adult bird can even cope with a mouse, mole or seagull. During the hunt, a heron stands in the water for a long time, looking for prey. When the prey swims very close, the bird snatches it out of the water in one quick movement. You can download or print coloring Egrets for children on our website for free.