Free printable Hawks coloring pages for kids

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Coloring pages hawk - a set of pictures with representatives of the birds of prey of the hawk family. Depending on the species, the size of the birds is small or medium. Color from gray to brown on top and light gray or yellowish in the lower torso. Stripes are often visible on the chest and abdomen. The beak is short, strong, bent down. Bright yellow or orange eyes are not located on the sides of the head, like many birds, but slightly in front. This allows you to clearly see with two eyes at once. The hawk's vision is eight times better than human, so he sees the prey perfectly, even hovering high in the sky. Small birds and small forest animals, such as squirrels, become the prey of this predator. Hawks live in the tropics, and in the northern regions, on the plains and in the mountains. Nests are built on tall trees and approach the business very responsibly. The base of the nest is made of thick strong branches, the walls are made of small twigs, the floor is covered with soft down. You can download or print coloring hawk for children on our website for free.