Free printable Pheasant coloring pages for kids

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Pheasant coloring pages give the opportunity to decorate very beautiful birds as the child wishes. Ordinary pheasants are smaller than a meter in size, about 80 cm in length and weigh up to two kilograms. These birds have very long tails, consisting of eighteen feathers in a wedge-shaped form. Pheasants have a very bright and catchy color of feathers: the neck is blue, a red spot around the eyes, the body itself is yellow in color with small dark spots. These birds live in forest shrubs close to the water, near lakes and rivers. To ensure their safety, they build nests mainly in thorny shrubs, as predators will be afraid to approach in this way. Pheasants feed on seeds, berries and various small fruits. If you download or print Pheasant coloring pages, which can be done absolutely free of charge, this will be a great opportunity for children to get to know this beautiful bird without a doubt, as well as give it a new color that it will never come to meet in nature.