Free printable Seagulls coloring pages for kids

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Seagull coloring introduces children to one of the most common seabirds. These birds can be found on all beaches of the world. A seagull is a small bird with a contrasting color. Her body is light gray and has dark spots on the sides and top. The paws of seagulls with membranes, so they swim perfectly. Gulls have a very interesting beak - straight and bent at the end, like a fishing hook. With it, a bird holds a slippery fish caught. Seagulls are excellent fishermen and fish is their favorite food. But they eat almost everything. They can attack a small rodent or ruin someone else's nest. They can dig in the garbage. Seagulls get along well with people and are not afraid of them. Often accompany fishing vessels and drag small fish from nets. Seagull Habitat - Wetland. Large groups of birds circling over the water with a loud cry. Nests are built from soft material: moss, grass and algae. In mid-November, seagulls fly away for the winter to warmer places, choosing places closer to home. Here you can download free printable coloring pages Seagull for children in A4 format.