Swans coloring pages

Free printable Swans coloring pages for kids

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Coloring pages Swan will familiarize everyone with the world of wildlife and help to remember your favorite tales. The swan is a large but graceful creature. A long, delicately curved neck sets it apart from other birds. The wingspan of powerful wings is about 2 m. These birds are very beautiful, not in vain in Pushkin's fairy tale, the heroine familiar to children, Tsarevna, was turned into a swan.

Swans are waterfowl. In the north, they live in the tundra, and in the south they prefer tropical lakes and rivers. Their feathers can have a color from snow-white to coal-black, their beaks are bright yellow or orange. Children can download or print Swan coloring pages on their own or with the help of adults. Materials are provided free of charge.

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