Free printable Castle coloring pages for kids

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Boys and girls will see elegant residential and defensive structures in Castles coloring pages. Such buildings in the Middle Ages were owned by noble rich. On a vast territory, in addition to housing, there were churches, warehouses, courtyards for animals. In order to protect against enemies, all property was surrounded by a high solid wall and a deep ditch filled with water. Observation towers with sentries at the post - equipping impregnable walls.

Today, ancient buildings are of historical value. They host hotels, museums, restaurants. You can download or print the coloring of Castles for free on our website. Any little princess will be able to settle in a high painted tower and be in the Middle Ages. The boys will be interested in the construction of towers and castles, ditches and chains. To get an idea of ​​the types of buildings, to understand the secrets of architecture will help numerous drawings for coloring.