Free printable LOL Surprise Doll coloring pages for kids

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LOL Surprise Doll coloring pages are black and white images of cute toy dolls hidden in a ball that quickly became popular among girls around the world. And now you can also do creativity in the company of your favorite dolls. Each of them has an original appearance, which is provided by an outfit, hairstyle, accessories. It is worth downloading or printing the coloring of the LOL Surprise Doll so that the girls collect a collection of not only real toys, but also painted ones. All of them are available absolutely free of charge, which excludes any financial investments. Coloring pages may be interesting for all children, but they are more suitable for girls who are fond of dolls released under the LOL brand.

Not one girl can not resist, so as not to paint her favorite dolls LOL from 1, 2, 3, 4 series of toys. We also collected a wonderful collection of coloring dolls from the confetti pop, wave, decoder series, and also here you will find Lol pets, sisters, unicorn, peppercorn, dawn, twilight, sugar, punk fight. And it's all in one place. If you liked our selection of coloring books, then share it with your friends or leave comments on what kind of coloring you would like to see on our website.