Free printable Mortal Kombat coloring pages for kids

Mortal Kombat Coloring Pages - a section with coloring pages dedicated to the video game, which the whole world has been playing for almost 30 years. Download or print Mortal Kombat coloring pages that we offer for you absolutely free.

The genre of the game Mortal Kombat is called a fighting game. This means that the main task of the heroes is to fight each other and win victories in battles. According to the plot, the events take place on a distant mystical island. It is there that the greatest fighters of Earth and the Far World gather to participate in a tournament called Mortal Combat. The fate of humanity depends on the outcome of the battle. Dark fighters have magical abilities, light ones can rely only on their skills and strength. The page contains portraits of characters in the game, such as Sub-Zero, Scorpio, Liu Kang, Kitana, Raiden, and others. The coloring of warriors, frozen in a fighting pose, is more suitable for boys, although many girls will also like to paint details of costumes and unusual weapons. With the help of paints and pencils, young artists will be able to revive the atmosphere of the secret island and give character to the chosen hero. You can download or print Mortal Kombat coloring pages for kids for free on the website.