Free printable Olympic games coloring pages for kids

Coloring Pages Olympics - a page dedicated to the world famous holiday of sports and friendship. Here you can find various coloring pages of the Olympics, which can be downloaded or printed in A4 format for free.

Almost three thousand years ago, the first athletic competitions were held. This happened in ancient Greece in the city of Olympia. In the modern world, the Olympics began to be held in 1896. Greek Athens became the host city of the Olympics. Now the Olympiads are held once every four years. This is the most prestigious competition, which attracts athletes from all over the world. The number of Olympic sports is constantly growing. Each participant in the Games strives to show all their abilities and become a winner. In this section, little artists will find not only pictures of competing athletes, but also symbols of the Olympics. The emblem of the games is five multi-colored rings that are intertwined. Each ring represents the continent, and their interlacing represents the friendship of people across the Earth. Another symbol is the Olympic flame. It is lit in the homeland of the competition - in Greece, and then delivered to the country that hosts the participants of the Olympics. For kids you can download or print the Olympics coloring pages free of charge on our website.