Free printable Santa Claus coloring pages for kids

Santa Claus coloring pages transfer little artists to the atmosphere of winter magic. Choose your favorite Santa Claus coloring pages and then download or print them in A4 format for free.

Santa Claus is the main symbol of Christmas in Europe and America. This is a cheerful plump old man with a white beard. He is dressed in a traditional outfit - a short jacket, wide trousers, a cap. Pants tucked into black boots. All the clothes are bright red. The fur on the jacket and the pompom on the cap are white. Santa Claus walks with a bag over his shoulders. The bag contains gifts for children, which help to collect kind, hardworking elves. But the old man gives gifts not to everyone, but only to those who behaved well in the past year. Santa Claus sneaks into the house through the chimney at night when everyone is asleep. He leaves gifts under the tree or puts them in socks that the household hangs near the fireplace. The good grandfather moves across the sky on a sleigh pulled by flying deer. In this section, kids will find portraits of Santa Claus, cheerful deer, elves, an elegant Christmas tree, happy children who have received gifts. You can quickly and free of charge download or print Santa Claus coloring pages for kids on our website.