Free printable Skates coloring pages for kids

Skates Coloring Pages - a page that contains images of sports equipment for winter sports. Download or print the Skates coloring pages for your kids that we offer you for free.

Ice skating has always been one of the favorite pastimes of children and adults. In winter, the skating rinks are full of people during the day and evening. Skates are needed for ice hockey, figure skating and speed skating. Skates appeared several thousand years ago, they were made from the bones and fangs of animals. The first skates had no pointed ribs, they were flat, more like short skis. And ancient people rode them, pushing off with sticks. Over time, the shape and material of the skates changed, wooden specimens appeared, in which the front and lower parts were upholstered with iron. And only three hundred years ago, skates began to be made entirely of metal. They also began to be attached to the sole of the shoe. In this form, they have come down to our time. In the drawings in this section, little artists will find skates for different sports, as well as athletes or cartoon characters skating. For children, you can download or print Skates coloring pages on our website quickly and for free.