Free printable Violin coloring pages for kids

Violin Coloring Pages will introduce little artists to a small, but very important musical instrument for any orchestra. Download or print the Violin coloring pages for your kids that we offer you absolutely free.

The oval shape of the violin with rounded grooves on the sides is easily recognizable. It consists of a wooden body with two holes, a neck and four strung strings. The instrument finally took its modern form in the 16th century. Italian craftsmen have perfected the shape of the violin. For a long time, only in Italy samples of the highest quality were made. This demanded a great deal of skill and knowledge from the master. The craftsmen kept the secrets of creating an excellent instrument in the strictest confidence. After all, in order for the violin to sound perfect, you need to choose the right materials, to observe all proportions exactly. Even the composition of the lacquer used to cover the cabinet affects the sound quality. And, of course, the skill of the performer is very important. In the right hands, the violin is the queen of any orchestra. Its sound is multifaceted and harmoniously combined with other instruments. On our site you can quickly and free of charge download Violin coloring pages for kids.