Educational coloring pages are especially popular among teachers and parents. And this is no coincidence, because all children love to draw and color, so why not take advantage of this? Find images on the Internet for free and give new knowledge in an unobtrusive way. With the help of coloring pages, kids learn geometric shapes, learn to read and write, count and solve problems. Pictures on the theme of animals and plants introduce the child to the world around him. Preschoolers especially like educational coloring by numbers, dots, which teach kids to perseverance and accuracy.

Free printable Educational coloring pages for kids


For school children, coloring educational coloring pages will help with learning the alphabet. With a pencil in hand, it is easier to memorize traffic rules, state symbols, planets of the solar system. Coloring pages for children with mathematical examples are used in the lessons. The main value is that during classes with black and white pictures, both vision, hearing, and fine motor skills are involved. Thinking, memory, attention are activated, imagination develops. You can download or print educational coloring pages in order to review the material covered in school or kindergarten. As a result, the child will have a rest and spend time with benefit.