Free printable Cachalot coloring pages for kids

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Coloring Pages Cachalot is a great pastime for a child. They will help to lure you with an interesting and informative affair. In addition, children will be able to quickly expand their knowledge and memorize the mammalian species. The Cachalot , a marine inhabitant, belongs to the kinship of toothed whales. This huge creature can reach a length of up to 20 m and a weight of up to 50 tons. They have a large rectangular head, inside which is a bag of wax-like substance. You can find a sperm whale in the World Ocean, except for the harsh polar places. These cetaceans never swim alone. They gather in numerous flocks of hundreds of individuals. Together, Cachalot descend to a depth of over 2 km and hunt mollusks for an hour and a half. These good whales have practically no enemies, but they constantly suffer from cruel poachers. Therefore, there are about 400 thousand of them left in the world. Whale hunters especially value substances in their bodies: sperm and ambergris. You can download or print the Cachalot coloring pages for kids for free.