Free printable Carp coloring pages for kids

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Coloring Pages Carp is an educational entertainment for kids. The kid will be able to expand his knowledge of fish, get acquainted with one of their varieties. For the first time freshwater carp were bred in ancient China and wild carp were their progenitors. They resemble ordinary crucians in their appearance, but differ from them in several characteristic features. First, carps have wide and plump lips. Secondly, their beautiful cylinder-shaped body and smooth shiny scales combine a lot of dark shades: gold, purple, blue and red. The largest fin is located on the back and stretches along the entire length of the fish. All carp are divided into three subspecies: naked, scaly and mirror. They have minor differences in appearance. An interesting fact is that carps are long-lived fish. Their age can reach 200 years, and the weight of an adult is up to 45 kg. You can download or print the Carp coloring pages for kids for free.