Free printable Crabs coloring pages for kids

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Crab Coloring Pages is an original entertainment for children. They will help to lure you with an interesting and useful business. In addition, the child will be able to quickly expand his circle of knowledge and get acquainted with various representatives of crustaceans. What kind of animal has 10 legs and looks like an insect from the Jurassic period? These are small but tough crabs. Surprisingly, all crabs in the world are subdivided into 24 superfamilies, 93 families, and over 6,780 species. There is a variety - Kamchatka crabs, which are completely different from others. The largest representatives reach up to 19 kg with a claw span of up to 3.5 m. However, usually crabs have a tiny head and an abdomen located under the jaw chest. Although they are considered marine inhabitants, you can meet them on land, most often on sandy and rocky shores. In cooking, crabs are considered a popular appetizing delicacy, so fishermen grow and catch up to one and a half million tons a year, that is, their share in catching crustaceans is more than 20 percent. You can download or print the Crab coloring pages for kids for free.