Free printable Crayfish coloring pages for kids

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Cancer Coloring Pages - will introduce children to the famous representative of the aquatic fauna. They will love our collection of cancer coloring pages.

Cancers belong to the order of decapod crustaceans. Yes, they have ten legs. The front pair is equipped with powerful claws. They serve as a weapon for cancer, help defend against enemies and cope with large food. On the second pair of legs there are smaller pincers. The other three pairs are for movement. The body of the arthropod is covered with a shell. The color varies from black to greenish brown depending on the habitat. Cancers live only in fresh waters with clean water. They prefer a rocky bottom, in which it is easier for them to build shelters and hide. Crayfish are considered orderlies of reservoirs. The fact is that they love to feast on carrion. This is how animals purify the water. Cancers are almost omnivorous. They eat plants, algae, insects, plankton, and snails. Crayfish also have a very interesting eye structure. They are located on movable stems that help to adjust the clarity of vision. You can download or print free Cancer coloring pages for kids on the website.