Free printable Crucian coloring pages for kids

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Crucian Coloring Pages is a great fun for children, with the help of which your child will be able to replenish the piggy bank of knowledge about fish. Crucian carp is a unique aquatic inhabitant. You can find and see this fish in flowing or swampy reservoirs. They feed on various algae, small inhabitants: plankton, invertebrates and benthos. All crucians are divided into two types: silver and gold, depending on their habitat. A long fin can be seen on the thick back, and the whole body is covered with large shiny scales. In harsh winter conditions, crucian carps fall asleep and wake up only in spring. It is an amazing fact that they calmly endure the complete freezing of the reservoir. Fishermen in a comic form call crucian carp - "lively" and use it as bait for pike. You can download or print the Crucian coloring pages for kids for free.