Free printable Dolphin coloring pages for kids

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Dolphin Coloring Pages - a series of pictures with one of the cutest and smartest marine life. Despite its resemblance to a large fish, the dolphin is a member of the mammalian family. There are more than 30 species of dolphins in the world that inhabit water bodies around the globe. Most of them live in the ocean, but there are a few freshwater species that live in rivers. Despite their harmless appearance, all dolphins, without exception, are carnivores that feed on meat. They usually hunt fish, but they can also prey on a small seal or squid. Dolphins have small eyes, so they perceive the world around them mainly by ear. By the way, dolphins hear ten times better than humans. Dolphins are very intelligent animals. They can communicate with each other, know how to save drowning people and get along well with a person. Interacting with dolphins helps humans fight off serious diseases. Dolphins are frequent heroes of children's fairy tales and cartoons, where they always play a positive role. You can download or print Dolphin coloring pages for kids on our website for free. Kids will love to get to know this smiling cute.