Free printable Flounder fish coloring pages for kids

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Flounder Coloring Pages - introduce kids to amazing fish. Not only is the flounder flat, but also its eyes are located on one side. She can also mimic, that is, adapt to the surrounding conditions. This fish changes color depending on what is around it. Lying on light sand, it turns light gray. And if there are dark stones at the bottom, then the flounder will quickly darken. This helps her a lot in case of danger and in the process of obtaining food. Despite the fact that this fish is a predator, it prefers an ambush attack to active hunting. It buries itself in the ground, changes color and waits until the prey comes. If the fish is in danger, it rises abruptly, swims to a safe distance and hides again. After getting acquainted with the picture that shows this fish, the child will never confuse it with anyone. You can download or print flounder coloring pages for kids on our website for free.