Free printable Perch coloring pages for kids

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Coloring Pages Perch - a set of pictures with one of the most famous fish species. Perch live all over the world, they can be found in water bodies of more than fifty countries. This is a fish with an elongated, slightly flattened body on the sides, about 40 centimeters long. On the back there are two pale blue fins: one soft and the other with sharp spines. The back and sides are dark green, and the abdomen is light, almost white. The fins on the abdomen are spiny yellow-red, the eyes are orange. Perch do not like running water, so they often live in lakes or rivers with a slight current. Choose places overgrown with shrubs or algae. These fish move in small schools. Perch is a predator and is not picky about food at all. It feeds on aquatic insects, small fish, crustaceans and eggs of other fish. The perch itself is prey for larger fish, for example, catfish or pike. It is also hunted by seagulls and other birds. By coloring pictures of river bass, children will learn to distinguish it from other inhabitants of the reservoirs. You can download or print coloring pages Perch for kids for free.