Free printable Ray coloring pages for kids

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Stingray coloring pages - will introduce young artists to one of the most ancient marine life. You will need felt-tip pens or pencils to color in the stingray.

As surprising as it sounds, stingrays are the closest relatives of sharks. These fish are not at all similar to each other, but they still have common features. Stingrays, like their predatory relatives, have no bones, but only cartilage. Outwardly, the stingray stands out against the background of other marine fish. His body is severely flattened. The impression is enhanced by the fact that the lateral fins fuse with the head and look like one whole. In the process of swimming, stingrays, unlike other fish, do not use their tail. They move in water as if taking off, flapping their fins like wings and can travel long distances. The mouth, nose and gills are located on the lower part of the body, while the eyes are at the top. The belly is usually light, the color of the back can vary from sandy to dark gray, almost black. The color of the stingray is adapted to the space in which it lives. Sometimes there are quite bright colors or even a pattern on the back. For kids, you can download or print Ray coloring pages for free.