Free printable Seahorse coloring pages for kids

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Seahorse Coloring Pages will introduce children to a very unusual representative of sea fish. The body shape of this cute fish is similar to a chess horse. An additional similarity is given by the fact that the skate floats vertically, unlike most fish. These underwater inhabitants have no scales, and the tail is curled forward in a ring. The fish does not like to swim and spends most of the time hanging in the water. It is held in one place with the help of a tail, which clings to algae. But sometimes seahorses make long journeys. They cling to the fins of other fish with their tail and swim with them to suitable algae. The skate's eyes rotate in different directions. This helps a lot to look for food and notice the approaching danger in time. The seahorse is great at disguising itself, but it rarely has to do it. These fish have almost no enemies. The fact is that they are so bony that no one, except for the land crab, hunts them. The fish themselves feed mainly on plankton. You can download or print the Seahorse coloring pages for kids.