Free printable Starfish coloring pages for kids

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Starfish Coloring Pages - pictures with amazing underwater inhabitants. These creatures can be found in the seas and oceans around the world. But they prefer warm waters more, but they are not found in fresh water at all. The appearance of animals is similar to a star - rays depart from the body in all directions. Usually there are five rays, but stars with both three and six rays are found. There are sharp thorns or needles on the body. The mouth of the starfish is located below, therefore, in order to swallow prey, the animal crawls onto it from above. They feed on corals, molluscs, worms and sponges. They live at the bottom, where they lie in one place or crawl very slowly in search of food. Starfish spend their entire lives in one place, very rarely crawling more than 500 meters from home. These amazing creatures have one remarkable ability - they are capable of regeneration. That is, if, in the event of an enemy attack or an accident, the star loses its beam, then a new star will grow out of it. Kids will love coloring these animals, because you can use the brightest colors for this. Indeed, stars are found in a wide variety of colors. You can download or print Starfish coloring pages for kids absolutely free.