Free printable Lily of the valley coloring pages for kids

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Lily of the Valley Coloring Pages is a collection of images of one of the very first spring flowers. Choose your favorite Lily of the Valley coloring pages and then download or print them in A4 format for free for your kids.

Lilies of the valley appear at the end of April. They do not like bright light, so they do not grow in open places. Usually, lilies of the valley can be found in forest thickets, shady places. Several large, wide leaves hide a thin stem, on which small buds hang, similar to openwork bells. The peculiarity of lily of the valley is that the flowers growing nearby have one root system. Therefore, picking just one, you can destroy all neighboring flowers. Lilies of the valley bloom no more than two to three weeks. In place of the flowers, bright red berries appear. They are deadly to humans, so they cannot be eaten or even touched. The exquisite delicate aroma of lily of the valley is very often used when creating perfumes.

There is a legend that wood elves settle in the buds of lilies of the valley and water them with moonlight at night. Despite the fact that the natural color of lily of the valley is white, kids can use their favorite shades when coloring and create their own unique bouquet. You can download or print coloring pages Lilies of the valley for kids on our website.