Free printable Clover coloring pages

Clover Coloring Pages - introduce little artists to one of the types of meadow flowers that are widespread around the world. We have put together a wonderful collection of Clover coloring pages for kids that you can download or print for free.

Clover is a short herbaceous plant with pink or white flowers. He has a very interesting flower structure. Each flower is a thin tube, all the tubes are gathered together and form a fluffy cap, which is clearly visible against the background of green grass. The structure of the clover leaves is also unusual, they are collected in three, forming a rounded trefoil. Occasionally there are specimens with four leaves collected together. Such a find is considered a great gift. Our ancestors believed that the four-leafed flower will bring good luck to its owner, because such a flower is endowed with great light power. But apart from its magical properties, clover has something to appreciate. For example, it is the most valuable feed for farm animals. Beekeepers are very fond of clover, because the sweet nectar of this plant helps bees to make delicious honey. You can download or print coloring pages Clover for kids on the site for free.