Free printable Forest coloring pages

Forest Coloring Pages - immerse little artists in the world of tall trees, dense bushes, shady paths, sunny edges. Children will be very happy if you download or print forest coloring pages for them.

Forests cover more than a third of the land. Forests are called the lungs of the planet, because they provide the oxygen necessary for life, and also purify the air. Depending on which trees grow in the forests, they are divided into deciduous, coniferous, mixed and tropical and are very different from each other. For example, coniferous forests are spruces and pines, which, with their spreading branches, create a permanent shade. And tropical - these are all shades of green, a riot of colors, bright flowers, intricate leaves and vines. But regardless of the type of plant, the forest is always greenery, fresh air, berries, mushrooms and animals. The forest in our middle zone is mostly mixed with deciduous and coniferous trees. He is beautiful at any time of the year. In summer and spring, this is a riot of greenery, from light green to dark green. To show an autumn forest, you need to use a variety of warm colors from yellow and orange to red and even burgundy. And the winter forest is a fairy tale in white and blue tones with the obligatory splashes of silver. You can download or print coloring pages Forest free for children on the site.