Free printable leaves coloring pages

Coloring Pages Leaves - a collection of pictures with samples of leaves of a wide variety of trees and shrubs, which you can download or print for free.

By coloring coloring pages with leaves, little ones can learn more about the nature of their region and learn how to identify a tree by the shape of its leaves. The easiest is the case with maple, oak and chestnut. Their intricate leaves are very different from others and are easy to remember. As for color, here young artists have complete freedom of choice, because in nature there are plants of a wide variety of colors. The most common color, of course, is green, but it also has a lot of shades: from tender freshly blossomed light green spring leaves to dark green summer foliage. And if you imagine that the painted leaves are collected in autumn, the palette expands noticeably: lemon, sunny yellow, gold, red, red, burgundy and brown colors will come in handy. You can tell the children about the herbarium and help them collect and dry their first collection of leaves, and then color the drawings while looking at the sample. You can download or print coloring Leaves for kids on our website for free.