Free printable Mountain coloring pages

Mountain Coloring Pages will take young artists to the land of steep slopes, fast rivers, dense forests and fluffy clouds, as if lying on mountain peaks. Choose your favorite mountain coloring page and then download or print it for your kids.

Mountains are formed due to the constant movement of the earth's crust. Of course, these movements are not noticeable to humans, because they occur very slowly over millions of years. The mountains are home to a lot of birds and animals that easily climb the steep slopes and find shelter in caves. And they also find minerals there. On the tops of some of the mountains it is so cold that the snow never melts, and the slopes are covered with glaciers. You can tell the children that travelers who have decided to conquer mountain peaks need to be very careful and attentive. After all, there are both cliffs and deep gorges. Filling the proposed pictures with paints, kids use natural colors - all shades of green and brown for mountains, blue for the sky and rivers, white for snow-capped peaks and clouds. Free download or print Mountain Coloring Pages for kids on the website.