Free printable Tornado coloring pages

Tornado Coloring Pages will introduce children to a very dangerous and at the same time bewitchingly beautiful natural phenomenon. Here you can download or print Tornado coloring pages for your children absolutely free.

Tornadoes are powerful vortices that rotate at high speed, forming a funnel. They arise in extreme heat, when there are thunderclouds in the sky. Due to the fact that the temperature below the surface of the earth is much higher than above, the cold air from the cloud stretches downward at a tremendous speed. Despite the fact that the air is moving, we can clearly see the tornado. This is due to the fact that the vortex sucks in water (if formed over the sea) or sand, dust and debris from the ground. The height of the tornado reaches hundreds of meters, and the width is ten times less. It moves at about the speed of a car, destroying everything in its path. A strong tornado can lift a cow or car into the air. In the fairy tale, the girl Ellie found herself in a magical land when a tornado took her home. You can download or print Tornado coloring pages for kids free of charge on our website.