Free printable Volcano coloring pages

Volcano Coloring Pages - a collection of pictures depicting a geological formation on the surface of the earth's crust and spewing lava. We have collected for you an excellent collection of Volcano Coloring Pages, which you can download or print on your printer for free.

The mountain with a depression in place of the summit is called a volcano in honor of the god Vulcan, the lord of fire. After all, the volcano also breathes fire. Inside such a mountain there is a channel - a vent. One end of it goes out, and the other is located in a cave filled with a hot substance - magma. Scientists believe that our planet was a hot ball for a very long time. Over time, its surface cooled and hardened, but inside the Earth was still molten - this is magma. When there is no more room in the cave for all the incoming magma, it rises and goes outside. This is a volcanic eruption. It is because of such emissions that volcanoes are very dangerous, because huge stones, dust and ash are thrown out along with the hot lava. The place of the eruption was poisoned for a long time by poisonous gases. Dust and ash are carried by the wind over great distances, blocking the sky. In addition, eruptions are often accompanied by earthquakes. You can download or print Volcano Coloring Pages free for kids on our website.