Free printable Water coloring pages

Coloring Pages Water - a set of pictures depicting a substance without which life on Earth is impossible. Download or print water coloring pages for your children and let them dream up and paint the pictures in bright colors.

Water is the source of life for everyone: people, animals, plants. No wonder our planet is called blue, because most of its surface is covered with water. By itself, water is a clear, odorless liquid, but depending on the temperature, real miracles can happen to it. In the cold, it becomes solid, and when heated, it turns into steam. Therefore, water has many faces, it can be a raindrop, an openwork snowflake, a huge ocean, an icicle hanging on the roof, a white cloud or a dark thundercloud. And water is also an excellent solvent, you can see this if you paint with paints. Initially clear water will immediately change color, depending on the paint chosen. In every home, you can draw water by simply turning on the tap, but in some hot countries water is not easy to get and is highly prized. For kids, you can download or print free water coloring pages on our website.