Free printable Elm Tree coloring pages for kids

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Elm Coloring Pages introduce children to the tree, which is very common in our country. Choose your favorite Elm coloring page and then download or print it for your kids absolutely free.

The tree got its name due to the fact that it is very difficult to cut it, the ax seems to get stuck in solid wood. The elm is a very sturdy, strong and life-loving tree. It can withstand dry heat, bitter frosts and strong winds. And it also grows very quickly and perfectly cleans the air, so elms are often planted in cities and parks, where the dense crown of the tree serves as protection from city dust and the hot sun. The tree can live up to three hundred years. In the old days, it was believed that elm gives travelers strength and good luck on a long journey. Elms are part of deciduous and mixed forests, often growing next to birches and oaks. Coloring the outline of this mighty giant, kids can show imagination and complement the picture. For example, draw a bird pecking at seeds, or a squirrel jumping on branches. You can download and print free coloring pages Elm for kids on our website.