Free printable Linden Tree coloring pages for kids

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Linden Coloring Pages - a series of pictures with a cute tree, often found in deciduous forests and parks. Your child will be very happy if you download or print A4 Linden coloring pages for him.

This tree is considered a long-liver, because on average the linden lives for about four hundred years, and can live for more than a thousand. The crown of a tree is a set of small thin leaves, shaped like a heart. In the summer heat, a warm breeze stirs the linden leaves and the tree seems to whisper fairy tales. Linden has long symbolized harmony and wisdom. In the first half of summer, the tree blooms, small pale yellow flowers emit a very pleasant aroma, which bees fly to. Linden is one of the best honey trees. Linden honey is considered one of the best and most useful. Linden flowers are used in medicine for their medicinal properties. They help with colds, and the broth is considered a good sedative. In early autumn, the leaves change color from green to all shades of yellow. The golden crown of the linden tree in autumn pleases the eye no less than its bright greenery in summer. You can download or print Linden coloring pages for kids on our website for free.