Free printable Maple Tree coloring pages for kids

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Maple Coloring Pages - black and white images of a tree, which is a real decoration of forests and city streets and parks. Choose any Maple coloring for your baby, and then download or print it in A4 format absolutely free.

Large maple leaves have a very unusual shape - the leaf is divided into several carved parts with pointed ends. Maple is especially noticeable in autumn - the color of the leaves changes from lemon yellow to dark red, almost brown, and all these colors fit on the lush crown of one tree, making it incredibly beautiful. Bright maple leaves are great for herbariums and dry bouquets. In the spring, as soon as the first young leaves appear on the tree, the maple begins to bloom. Many small yellow-green flowers attract bees with their strong sweetish scent. There is a lot of nectar in flowers, and maple honey is considered one of the most delicious. By the end of summer, on the branches of the maple, fruits ripen, similar to small dipteran propellers. At the time of leaf fall, the wind tears them off and carries them away from the tree. Getting into the soil and overwintering, in the spring, lionfish will give life to new trees. For kids you can download or print Maple coloring pages for free on our website.