Free printable Oak Tree coloring pages for kids

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Oak coloring pages introduce children to one of the most beautiful and recognizable trees in the forest. Download or print Oak coloring pages for your kids completely free.

Oak is a powerful and strong tree, but it becomes so only with age. Young oak trees are rather finicky, they are afraid of bright sunlight, frost and strong winds. Therefore, in the forest, under the protection of other trees, oak trees grow more often than alone in open space. But as soon as the tree grows a little and gets stronger, it begins to reach up to the sun, pushing the crowns of neighboring trees with its branches. And now a strong handsome man himself protects the nearby trees, not being afraid of either winds, or frosts, or scorching heat.

Oak trees are very sensitive to sunlight, the shoots change their direction of growth, following the sun's rays. That is why the crown of the oak is so wide, bizarre in shape with winding branches. Oak leaves are large, with rounded, curved edges. And its fruits are smooth, shiny acorns that many forest dwellers love. You can download or print coloring pages Oak for kids for free on our website.